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Where Is It Legal to Camp on the Beach in Oregon

In addition to the above rules, you may find that individual units in Oregon State Park prohibit dispersed camping in and around state parks. This again boils down to the legal area where you can camp on Oregon Beach outside of state parks. There are usually signs that explicitly state that there is no camping, but not always. It is your responsibility to know the laws of the area where you wish to camp. There are also several small free campgrounds on a first-come, first-served basis along the Elk River. Sunshine Bar Campground and Butler Bar Campground are the two I`ve visited myself. Our guide to finding free campgrounds will help you find even more great places to stay for your Oregon Coast trip. You may be wondering if beach camping is legal in Oregon. For the most part, yes, it is.

The dispersed campground begins shortly after the Elk River Salmon Hatchery on Elk River Road (County Road 208). You`ll notice campsites and moves almost immediately, but personally, I prefer to drive several miles before setting up camp. They allow you to camp in tents, RVs and yurts. They provide full connection for the motorhome. Whatever you do, DON`T forget your camera! Brandi Jangula is a writer born and raised in the Midwest. South Dakota`s Badlands and Black Hills offer some of his favorite spots to hike and camp with their three adventurous boys. Brandi also enjoys cooking, reading and attending her children`s sporting events in her spare time. Harris Beach State Park offers one of the best campgrounds on the Oregon coast.

What for? For one, it`s home to the famous Bird Island, home to many of Oregon`s beautiful and rare birds. Clean beaches, spectacular rock formations, whale watching, and pristine ocean views are just a few of the reasons people flock to this part of the Oregon coast. They are known as wild camping, which means there is no cost to camp there, nor are there any actual limits. Most marine areas (including the Pacific Ocean, coastal bays and beaches) are available for crab and crab year-round, but special regulations may apply. The ocean is closed to Dungeness crabs on certain days (August 15 to November 30) and any type of oyster is prohibited. So basically, the 362 miles of the Oregon coast can be enjoyed by the public, but that doesn`t mean the use of the beach is unlimited and there are no rules. Quite the opposite, because state and local governments can restrict the use of beaches. Unfortunately, many of these restrictions for campers relate to overnight camping and parking at or near the beach. This campsite is intended for motorhomes.

It is close to the waterfront as well as Winchester Bay Marina and Umpqua River Inlet. In addition, the dunes are a short drive away. This campsite is ideal for nature lovers. You will also enjoy the hiking trails of Gregory Point and the Cape Arago Lighthouse. This is the perfect campsite for couples! Camping Spread near Mount Hebo is ideal for anyone who is by car. While you don`t need a 4×4 or high clearance to navigate the road, either is certainly useful when the road is muddy. Very small trailers are fine here, but look elsewhere if you have a large platform. The best campgrounds (like the ones closest to the lake) are noisy and crowded on weekends, but there`s plenty of room to stretch out and find something quiet looking around. Camping on the beach is also very relaxing, especially if you are close enough to hear the waves. It`s no wonder that « ocean waves » are one of the most popular sounds to help people sleep.

Other nostalgic ocean sounds and smells can make your beach camping experience more enjoyable. Nehalem Bay State Park is located a few kilometers south of Manzanita. This beautiful campground is actually located on a large sand dune that stretches for four miles! It is the barrier between the Pacific Ocean and Nehalem Bay. This offers a unique experience that the whole family will love! Smith River Falls Campground is a fantastic free campground on the Oregon coast, but be aware that there are a ton of additional campgrounds nearby. In addition to the myriad of campgrounds scattered along Smith River Road, take the time to visit Vincent Creek Campground and Fawn Creek Campground, two free BLM campgrounds. Near Cannon Beach is a private campground that offers a quieter atmosphere. There are only twenty-two pitches, each quite spacious, suitable only for motorhomes or tents. Less than half a mile away is the famous Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock. With either option, you can`t go wrong camping on Oregon Beach. Located halfway between Lincoln City and Tillamook, just off Highway 101, Mount Hebo is part of the Siuslaw National Forest, which offers many scattered camping opportunities.

Most importantly, pack all your garbage (including food waste), dispose of human waste properly (I like to use portable camping toilets like the Luggable Loo toilet, but the cat hole method also works well), respect all enclosed areas, and don`t exceed residence limits. Due to the dirt (and often rugged) access road, Wildhorse Meadow is best suited for motorhomes in vehicles or tents. It is possible for small campers and trailers to make the trip, although it is not recommended, especially during the winter months when the road is often impassable for all but the most off-road vehicles. Jessie M. Honeyman State Park is located in Lane County, Oregon, near the town of Eugene. For camping, this national park offers 47 fully connected sites, 121 electric sites, 187 tent sites and 10 yurts. Campsites can be booked online and are open year-round. More information about camping in this park can be found on their website. Campfires are allowed on some Oregon beaches, but not on others.

All beaches and individual communities can set their own campfire rules. That`s because the state of Oregon has done a lot to make them official campgrounds, a safe place to camp, and a source of income.

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