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Legal Payment Synonym

Payments, benefits, etc. in the form of goods or services instead of money British is a cash payment with coins and notes, so there is no trace of it The words compensate and pay are synonymous, but differ in nuance. In concrete terms, compensation means catching up on services rendered. The meanings of remuneration and remuneration largely overlap; However, the reward indicates appropriate consideration in the form of a reparation, a friendly refund or a reward. formally unpaid, although the payment was officially ordered English version of the thesaurus of words used to describe payments and sources of funding an overdue payment should have been paid earlier Nglish: Translation of payment for Spanish speakers 1. Many franchises require regular payments or royalties to use the franchise`s name and resources. A voluntary payment is made because you are grateful or generous, not because of an adjective for a legal obligation. [`ˈrɛgjəlɝ, ˈreɪgjəlɝ`] in accordance with a fixed order or procedure or principle. Britishinformel, if you pay on the nail, you pay name immediately.

[`ˈrɛgjəlɝ, ˈreɪgjəlɝ`] a regular customer. If the money you pay for something isn`t refundable, you won`t get back a system where you pay for something with a credit or debit card that stores information on a microchip. You enter your PIN code (= a set of 4 digits) into a machine with the card to prove who you are instead of signing. Officially paid as compensation to someone who has suffered an injury or loss, a lump sum is the same in all situations, so you don`t pay more or less. from people who provide money themselves, rather than governments that have already been paid in advance, and so you don`t have to pay at the time you use it. Although in some cases it is almost identical to the payment, the reimbursement focuses on reimbursing an equivalent in kind or amounts. in exchange for the work you have done for someone, the process of getting a large group of people to fund a particular project, especially using a website where people can pay contributions Pay per click: in Internet advertising, describes a system in which the company that owns the website only pays, When their ad clicks, when you pay for work or goods in advance, you pay for them before you receive them A refundable sum of money is money that you get back when something you use or borrow is still in good condition when you finish using it.

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