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Legal Aid Blount County

Legal Aid remains open to our clients at this critical time: our entire team in forty-eight offices is working remotely, moving upcoming events, such as legal clinics, into a digital space to keep our community safe. Although our physical offices are closed and the personal reception is suspended, we remain very open and. Legal Aid of East Tennessee`s mission is to ensure equal justice for the elderly, abused, and low-income and to provide a wide range of civil legal assistance and advocacy. LAET provides civil law services ranging from information and advice to complex litigation and defence of appeals for low-income individuals. LAET presents a variety of rights-related topics for low-income groups, non-profit organizations and other community members through our Speakers` Bureau. As part of our education and outreach efforts, LAET also maintains informational brochures in courthouses in East Tennessee. LAET has special programs for the elderly and victims of domestic violence, which can be made available to people whose income and/or assets exceed the limits of the majority of our services. LAET also funds and staffs pro bono projects that recruit, support and employ volunteer lawyers and other professionals so that we can expand their services. Empowering communities and transforming lives through quality legal services. We help with certain types of legal problems (civil cases).

You can find out what types of cases we handle here. Legal aid cannot help everyone with all legal problems. There are certain types of cases that legal aid does not handle, including criminal and fee-paying cases, such as car accidents, where you want to make the other person pay for your injuries or damage to your car. We are Tennessee`s largest nonprofit law firm that takes a holistic approach to providing free, high-quality civil services and community building to people to protect their livelihoods, health, and families. There are several legal aid organizations in Tennessee. These organizations are non-profit law firms that offer certain types of free legal aid to people who cannot afford a lawyer: Most legal aid organizations also have « pro bono » programs. Many private lawyers have agreed to provide free legal aid to low-income individuals through this program. Your case can be referred to a pro bono lawyer who will represent you free of charge under the pro bono program. There are other ways to get free legal aid. Talk to a lawyer at one of our legal aid clinics. Or visit our self-help page. Some people living in low-income households can get free legal help from legal aid offices.

When you call the office, you will be asked questions about your income and that of other people in your home. Your income must meet current poverty guidelines for you to qualify. If you follow the guidelines, you will be asked what kind of legal problem you are experiencing. If that`s the kind of problem they can handle, you can talk to one of the lawyers or a paralegal. Bar associations, the Tennessee Access to Justice Commission, and legal and community aid organizations across the state support permanent legal clinics throughout the year. In 26 counties — from Chattanooga to Tri Cities — Legal Aid of East Tennessee provides civil representation to those who need it most. Old. Victims of domestic violence.

Low-income families. Anyone who faces a legal challenge, but doesn`t have the life-saving support they need. Every day, we proudly answer the call for quality legal services that help change lives and improve communities. An Eastern Tennessee, where justice is a community value and no one faces a legal problem alone. The website and a toll-free phone line at 888-HELP4TN or (888) 395-9297 provide information and access to legal recommendations and advice, and TN Free Legal Answers matches individuals with pro bono lawyers. Legal aid agencies do not charge fees for legal assistance provided. You may have to pay court fees to take a case to court. You may also have to pay for other expenses, such as copies of files, court reporters, etc. However, you will not be charged for the lawyer`s or paralegal`s time or advice.

Legal help when you need it, online and in person and there is never a fee for our services. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam efficitur lacinia erat, vitae vehicula magna varius ac. Morbi vel vehicula tellus. Praesent et elit vel orci scelerisque fringilla. Integer malesuada Posted in Murfreesboro Post on Sep 19, 2019 | Bill Bush It`s been nearly 100 years since women won the right to vote in the United States – an important milestone celebrated each year with Women`s Equality Day on August 26. Even today, the struggle for . Tennessee Housing Development Agency | COVID-19 Loyer Relief ( Learn more about us Help us serve you: Take the Bloomberg Industry Group Legal Research Services (Bloomberg Law®) survey.

We have 8 offices serving 48 counties. See which office is near you. *To ensure the safety of our visitors, clients and employees, Legal Services` physical offices are closed and employees are working remotely. Please call and speak to a staff member before visiting one of our offices. Click here for a link to our locations and phone numbers. THDA`s Rent Relief Call Center is now LIVE and is available for people with questions about the program, eligibility, required documentation, etc. Nam rhoncus, purus quis blandit aliquam, nisl lorem efficitur nisi, ut semper leo risus in libero. Nam vulputate libero lacus, quis convallis lorem suscipit ut. Integer eget dignissim tortor. Nulla Legal Aid of East Tennessee (865) 981-1818307 Ellis Ave.Maryville, TN 37801 Legal aid can help in many civil law matters. They may be able to help you if you have a problem with your landlord, food stamps, Families First, TennCare, Medicare; Health care or family problems, especially related to domestic violence.

Even if legal aid can`t represent you directly in a case, they may be able to tell you where to get help or give you advice to help you deal with the case yourself. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL LAET LEGAL AID IS FREE OF CHARGE. YOU WILL NEVER BE ASKED TO PAY FOR OUR SERVICES. Under the direction of the U.S. Treasury, funds designated under the COVID-19 Rent Relief Act of 2020 will support tenants who are struggling to pay their rent, utilities, or other energy costs due to lost wages/income resulting from the pandemic. • Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and Cumberlands Do you want to help low-income families who can`t afford a lawyer? Learn more about training and how you can help. Need help, this situation becomes an emergency. I am afraid to leave my house because of my landlord and that`s why I missed 2 job opportunities.

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