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Maryam 628-2522 George Willis (JD `98)Director of Taxation 628-2531 Stephanie WenningDeputy Director of Administrative 628-2562 Edit: (714) 628-2552Research Support Service: (714) 628-2548Rachel DeckerActing Co-Director| Collections Management Library(714) Marisa S. CianciaruloActing Dean of the Fowler School of Law and Donald P. Kennedy de LawDoy and Dee Henley in (714) 628-2612 Kathleen ClarkDirector of Graduate Studies 628-2510 Justin CruzAssistant Dean of Admissions and Diversity InitiativesAdmissions Office, 1st Floor, Kennedy 628-2594 Please note that the information provided on this website as a service to the Chapman University community and does not constitute legal advice. The office provides legal services to the university. Members of the university community who require academic support can contact the office through their department head. Debra 628-2500Front Desk Fax: (714) 628-2501 Chapman University is a private institution and is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act. The University therefore has no obligation and does not respond to requests for documents from the public or individuals. It will only respond to legally issued court orders or other legal requirements that have been duly served or acknowledged. The Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Professor Marisa Cianciarulo, oversees all matters related to studies at the Fowler School of Law. Together with the registrar, she consults with the faculty to organize schedules. It is available for academic advice, such as (but not limited to) transfers or attendance from another law school, directed research, and evaluation.

If a senior official decides that there is an urgent need to issue a policy before it is reviewed and approved by the senior official, the policy is issued on a provisional indicative basis until a decision is made by the President. When a senior official decides that the format of the policy should differ from the template that can be approved by the President. The policy office proposes the new or revised policy to the senior official responsible for the department, school or college. As of the publication of this policy, all future proposed policies will be submitted using the default policy template. The senior staff member who receives the proposed new or revised policy reviews it and submits it to the Office of Legal Affairs for review and feedback, and decides on further action before approving the policy to be submitted to senior staff. The responsible officer then submits it to the senior employee as a whole for review and comment. After review and advice from senior management, the President decides whether to approve the policy. If approved, the date of approval is communicated to the Office of Legal Affairs by the senior official who submitted the policy to the senior staff.

The Office of Legal Affairs is responsible for recording the date of policy approval and coordinating with the Department of Information Systems and Technology and/or Strategic Marketing to post the approved policy on the university`s central policy website and announce the publication or revision of the policy on campus. All guidelines come into effect on the day they are published. Senior Employee Reporting Policy: Harold W. Hewitt The purpose of this policy is to establish a clear path for the development, approval and publication of policies. All University policies must be developed, approved and published in accordance with the standards set out in this policy and published on the University`s central policies page. One University Drive, Orange Office of Legal Affairs, CA 92866(714) 997-6533 (Office) Office of Legal Affairs Contact information for questions regarding this policy: 714-997-6533.

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