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How to Legally Change Your Name Quickly

A: You cannot legally force your ex-spouse to return to his or her old last name. You have the right to keep your last name. Most states charge a fee to change your name, amounting to a few hundred dollars. You may also have to pay a small amount to publish a legal opinion in a newspaper. If you don`t have that, you need to save first. Now that you have proof of your marriage, you need to let the government know what name you want to bear. You can apply for a new Social Security card by mail or in person at your local Social Security office. Find the nearest location here. The clerk of the court may ask you for additional information to support your name change application. There are two ways to go if you change your last name. The easiest way to change your last name is through marriage. The other way is to file a petition to change your name in the county where you reside, which takes a little longer.

Of course, we are talking about a court, not the DMV, but the principle is the same. Save time and learn about the documents you need before you start. These depend on a) your country of residence and b) the reason for your name change. Once you receive your court order, you will still need to change the legal documents and inform businesses and individuals who should really know your new nickname. Here is a representative sample, but by no means exhaustive: Yes, it`s just your first name, but to change it legally, you`ll need to apply for a name change in the county where you live. However, it`s usually not necessary to change your first name if you have a formal name like Matthew and want your name to appear like Matt in sensitive documents. No matter what type of small business you own, there are grants to help your business grow. Read on for more details on 21 financing options and databases. Thinking about changing your name? This guide to legally changing your name will help you get started. To avoid the hassle and embarrassment of sending an official memo stating that you misspelled your own name, check that it looks correct on every form you submit.

Before you do anything else, you should contact the Social Security Administration. Fill out the appropriate form, send them a few different IDs and your marriage certificate, and wait for your new documents. Don`t worry, this shouldn`t make the name change much more complex. In reality, the process is very similar in most states. Nevertheless, you need to know your state`s rules so that you can follow them to the letter. Be sure to check your state`s requirements by visiting your state government`s website or calling your clerk. If you want to change your legal name, you must initiate legal proceedings. You are free to use an alias or nickname at any time, but it is not your official name. The reason for your name change will determine the legal process you need to follow. Whether you`re combining insurance policies or simply updating your own policy information, this is an important change you need to make as soon as possible to ensure you`re covered in the event of a claim.

You will need a copy of your marriage certificate to move it. If you are insured through your employer, contact Human Resources or the insurance agent to find the appropriate forms and contact information. You`ll also likely need certified copies of your name change application documents or marriage certificate to present to various institutions, so plan to pay a pretty penny for these duplicates. In some states, you may end up spending up to $450 on your new name. Once the application is filed, the court will issue an order directing the applicant to notify the filing of the name change. The court also generally orders the plaintiff to publish the notice. The purpose of publishing the review is to inform the community that you wish to change your name. Anyone who has a legitimate objection to changing your name will be notified by posting.

Adopting a new name other than your birth name often coincides with a major life change, such as marriage, divorce, adoption, or the desire to adapt to a person`s gender identity. In other cases, a person may opt for this simply because they don`t like their first name. Answer questions while you feel comfortable doing so, but remember that the name you chose is a very personal matter. The important thing is that your new name makes you happy and reflects an identity that suits you. The legal standard for changing a minor`s name is the « best interests of the child ». A parent or guardian who wishes to change a child`s name must prove that the change is in the best interests of the child. The following points are generally considered by the court when deciding whether to grant an application to change a child`s name: The good news is that assembling your documents is the hardest, or at least the most tedious, part of a legal name change. Once you have your documents in order, go to court and submit them to the court registry. Unfortunately, if you have a Global Entry card, you will not be able to change your name online as you will get a new passport number if you change your name on your passport. However, you don`t have to make an appointment months in advance. Once you have received your new passport, simply bring it to the nearest registration center where you can update your account information.

You will keep your current Global Entry card (along with your maiden name) because the digital data attached to your card will reflect your new information and match your passport, even if the physical card does not. If you prefer to get a new card with your new name, you can order one through your Global Entry account (after personally updating your passport information) for a $25 fee. If you are divorcing, the change to your maiden name is usually covered in divorce proceedings. Your name change should be reflected in your dissolution or divorce judgment, according to the CDC. Even in California, where you can technically choose a new name and use it consistently according to the state`s method of use, you may still need a court order to serve as proof of your name change if you`re dealing with banks, SSA, or DMV. A: No, but if you want your new name to be legally recognized and updated in official government documents, you must approve your name change through the courts. People change their names for a variety of reasons. You don`t need to call your doctor`s or dentist`s office to switch to your insurance company. Instead, go to your next appointment a few minutes earlier (with your new insurance card and ID in hand) to make the changes in person.

With names, as with many great lifestyle choices, it is advisable to try it before buying. Before making a public announcement, be sure to ask a circle of trusted friends — such as your roommates, your favorite group chat, or a trans community space — to address you by your potential new name for a while. Or, if you`re shy, try using the new name for your next coffee or takeout order, and notice how it feels to hear that name. Some states have different name change procedures for everyone except for a woman who adopts her husband`s surname after marriage (including hyphenation), depending on the circumstances.

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