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Definition Citizen Patrols

Citizens interested in volunteering must first register to participate in the upcoming Citizen Police Academy (the Grand Prairie Police Service offers two Citizen Police Academy courses per year, and citizens can apply to be on the waiting list). The Grand Prairie Police Service`s Citizens On Patrol (COP) program provides trained volunteers with the opportunity to assist their police service in certain non-confrontational activities as citizen patrols and administrative volunteers to improve citizens` understanding and participation in policing, improve crime prevention, and provide additional resources to improve service to the community. A citizen observer is a resident appointed by the Chief of Police or Deputy Sheriff who has met the specific application, background and training requirements to patrol their neighbourhood or subdivision of the city to observe and report suspicious individuals and criminal activity. A citizen observer also tries to mediate between law enforcement and civilians to establish unity between them. Occasionally, a citizen observer also assists law enforcement patrol companies. A citizen observer is a civilian who works on behalf of law enforcement and has no law enforcement titles, powers or privileges. A community-based organization of citizen observers is called the Citizen Observer Patrol (COP). In large cities where a citizen surveillance patrol is present, crime is often significantly reduced and fewer criminal acts are not reported to the authorities. In addition, civilians feel safer in the community and there are better relationships between law enforcement and them. To begin the application process, please begin the following application process: We offer a Police Explorers program for individuals under the age of 21 who wish to volunteer.

We also have a Volunteer Police Services Program (VIPS). Our volunteers perform a variety of tasks across the department, allowing our paid employees to focus on specific tasks and better manage their workflow. The Grand Prairie Police Service reserves the right to approve volunteer assignments. COP volunteers help patrol the city in specially marked disused police cars. Members are trained to work with the police service to act as additional « eyes and ears » to report criminal activity and issues that require the attention of urban resources. is a Saint Paul, MN society founded by former Minnesota Representative John Jordan and author Scotty Roberts after Harvey LaDoucer shot Robert`s mother. Saint Paul residents John Jordan and Terry Troy, along with Citizen Observer President Terry Halsch, have developed and patented a number of law enforcement tools that are now used by a number of law enforcement agencies in the United States.

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