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Assistant Director Legal anti Corruption Ppsc past Papers

All our papers are exam documents from 5 to years and we constantly update past assignments. Q1. Write an essay on one of the following topics. (DM 40) A. Anti-corruption priorities for good governance. B. Violence in our society. C. Is democracy in Pakistan a deception? D. Future events cast their shadow. Please click on previous years to view documents from past exams: View and download previous documents for the Deputy Director of Anti-Corruption of the Punjab Civil Service Commission (CSDP). All papers are with solution keys (resolved papers).

Q2. Take a look at©the following passage and suggest an appropriate title: The fact remains that conversation is a true art and, like other arts, depends on pleasant circumstances and a suitable environment. People don`t tend to believe it because they have interests in their minds and can put those interests into words. They are equipped for pretty and delicate conversation game. But it requires a rare mix of qualities, a subtle conversational effect, a sudden fantasy that casts a charming or bizarre light on a subject, a pleasant power of metaphorical expression, an imaginative interest in communication for a familiar subject – all these things are of the nature of instinctive art. I have heard well-informed and reasonable people talk about a subject in a way that made me feel like I never wanted to hear it mentioned again; but I heard on the other hand that people talked about things that I thought were worn out. Conversational art depends to a large extent on the declared gratitude of those who appreciate it for its maintenance. PPSC Exam Anti Corruption Establishment Past Papers from are available here. Here, Pakistani students can get the exams of the Punjab Civil Service Commission Deputy Director Investigation Past Documents. Q3. Translate the following passage into Urdu: The shadow, which is getting darker and darker over the moor, was like a crown of a boat that, instead of straightening up at the critical moment, turns a little further and then suddenly capsizes.

Then the light turned, curled up and went out. The flesh and blood of the world were dead; only the skeleton remained. After a second great pause, the light that had died here rose elsewhere. Never before has there been such a sense of rejuvenation and recovery. All the convalescences and breaks in life seemed to be in one.

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